CaseCruzer Multiple iPad Charging Station Helps Educational Institutions with Inventory Control

iPad devices now being deployed to schools are at risk without reliable theft protection and multiple charging options. Always at the service of technology innovators and users, CaseCruzer has solved both needs with its new, easy-to-use 10 Pack iPad Charging Station.

The CaseCruzer Multiple iPad Charging Station is ideal for schools and information technology professionals using iPads. “As Apple continues to wow the world with amazing trend-setting products, we’re busy serving school teachers and IT departments who must convert their mobile learning devices from laptops to iPads. The brave, new direction for computing requires transport solutions that are both tough as nails and secure. And that’s our specialty,” says Tatiana Briceno, CaseCruzer marketing director.

The Multiple iPad Charging Station has a tough ultra strength copolymer plastic exterior designed to withstand harsh weather and the rigors of the road. The station also has two layers of theft prevention. First, stainless steel flanges allow the unit to be padlocked when being transported by airplane, train or truck. Second, an interior lid encloses and locks down the iPads while they are charging.

The tablet transport is also easy to use. ITs may simultaneously charge and protect all versions of the iPad — including the new iPad. Simply plug the Apple charger/cable into the power surge protector (110V AC) included with the CaseCruzer unit.

Each iPad is held in a padded vertical position, which protects them from impact and vibration damage. Durable, injection molded outer shell provides additional protection against blunt force.

Also, every iPad model will fit in the 10 bays with or without a protective cover. But for schools that intend to use individual covers, it is recommended that specific dimensions be provided when ordering so that tablets will fit “like a glove” in the Multiple Charging Station.

The dimensions of the Multiple iPad Charging Station are a trim 25.63″ L x 19.5″ W x 15.63″ H. When empty, the station weighs 47.15 lbs. An ambient pressure equalization valve, high-quality latches, and o-ring seal make the station watertight, airtight and dustproof. It also boasts an IP76 certification.

Although the new CaseCruzer mobile charging station is a must-have for IT departments that understand the importance of technological advancements in the learning environment, it is best used by students – where visual learners comprise of the largest group of any learning style, and teachers – as they are able to stray away from the traditional lecturing in front of the classroom for the duration of the class period, and opt for a more interactive, hands-on approach. Teachers and students alike can both vouch for increased productivity and content-creation.

When it comes to lending a helping hand to the already well-rounded school educators, the iPad excels at providing for enhanced learning, engagement and motivation in the classroom. Likewise, CaseCruzer praises individualized learning and has not only helped with theft prevention, but also solved the need to charge multiple devices.

CaseCruzer proudly offers other iPad Charging Station as well as carrying case solutions that meet the growing technological needs of the educational market.

The CaseCruzer network of companies provides the community with the most comprehensive packaging solutions available on reusable carrying cases for applications such as Communications, Photography, Computers, Electronics, and other industrial shipping and carrying case uses. For more info about the new charging station, visit; call 800-440-9925 in the U.S. or 909-613-1999 internationally; fax 909-465-5598; or write to CaseCruzer at 4665 State Street, Montclair, CA 91763