Parchment Enhances Its Industry-Leading e-Transcript Exchange Platform with Analytics Tools

Parchment Enhances Its Industry-Leading e-Transcript Exchange Platform with Analytics Tools

Parchment expands product suite with new offering that redefines enrollment analytics; updates Docufide to improve usability, automation and intelligence

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (Oct. 4, 2012) – Parchment Inc., the education credentials data pioneer, today announced major updates to Docufide® by Parchment™, the industry-leading e-Transcript exchange platform, and, where learners can create personal credentials accounts. These updates come at a time when K-12 and postsecondary institutions are increasingly focused on making education work better for students and alumni.

With the product release, the Docufide platform features new tools that further streamline processes for thousands of high schools and colleges, impacting millions of transcripts delivered during the college application cycle. Complementing, the new Parchment Discover offering is a powerful data analytics tool that enables colleges to leverage the intelligence collected through the site to better identify prospective students. Through, learners can send and store transcript credentials while leveraging apps to help them understand their admissions chances and receive college recommendations. Transcripts ordered at are fulfilled through Docufide.

Docufide by Parchment Updates
Changes to Docufide begin with the new customizable “Dashboard.” Serving as the entryway to Docufide Sender and Docufide Receiver, the Dashboard displays “just-in-time” intelligence that provides a comprehensive visual snapshot of valuable metrics to help administrators evaluate their performance in key areas. High schools can easily see which colleges are their Top Receivers by paper and electronic delivery, and postsecondary institutions can track transcript requests and quickly view their Top Senders alongside transcript volume.

Additional automation features include “Student FastTrack.” The feature enables administrators at Docufide Sender high schools to streamline the registration process for their students on by automatically uploading roster information and generating unique activation codes. Automation enhancements to Docufide Receiver include the new “Transcript Direct” feature, which allows colleges to take control of the transcript request workflow through integration into their application process.

“The themes of these improvements are usability, automation and intelligence, and they come from a sustained commitment of resources to innovate and elevate what a transcript exchange platform can be,” said Parchment CEO Matthew Pittinsky. “While transcript exchange has been approached by many as little more than an online order form, Parchment is working to fulfill its mission of unleashing education credentials by unlocking the critical data they embody.”

Numerous improvements to usability were made throughout the Docufide platform, making the exchange of e-Transcripts easier for administrators than ever before. More details about the product release can be found at Updates
Launched as a beta release, Parchment Discover represents a new category of enrollment analytics that uses real-time data and true peer network analysis to help admissions staff identify and matriculate successful learners. Cuts to state funding, shifting population patterns, changing demographics, and increased competition are all factors leading higher education providers to search beyond regions where they have traditionally recruited and to hone their marketing efforts. With, colleges can identify peer institutions from the perspective of students in different geographies, uncover geographical matriculation patterns, determine top feeder schools in relation to peer groups, and explore connections through a visual social graph. The tool reveals peer relationships that an institution may not otherwise see. With this knowledge, schools can uncover the types of students that make strong candidates for their academic programs based on where prospective students applied, were accepted, and ultimately chose to attend.

“These changes further enhance the cost savings, re-captured staff time, and convenient student services offered through e-Transcripts. But that is only part of the story,” said Pittinsky. “With this release we are beginning to demonstrate the intelligence generated through transcript exchange with the analytics introduced into the Docufide Dashboard, and the launch of as an enrollment analytics platform. Our goal is more than to provide a better way to deliver transcript credentials, it is to help schools tap into the data that underlies these transactions to ultimately improve student outcomes.”

About Parchment
Parchment is the leader in electronic transcript (e-Transcript) exchange. More than 9,000 high schools (over 30 percent of the U.S. secondary school market) and postsecondary institutions have exchanged 4 million transcripts using the Docufide by Parchment™ SaaS platform. Beyond providing the cost and operational efficiencies of electronic transcripts, Parchment works with learners and institutions around the world to unlock the value of transcript and credential data – helping people collect, promote, and share their education credentials in simple and secure ways. At, students can research colleges and discover their chances of admission, see how they compare with peers, get college recommendations, and send official transcripts when they are ready to apply. Founded in 2003, Parchment Inc. is a venture-backed company headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz. with offices in Roseville, Calif., Washington, D.C. and Denver.

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