Op-Ed: College students can give great schools ‘glass hallways’

Everyone knows that college can be a “melting pot” of ideas and perspectives. And at the start of my freshman year at Princeton, I was particularly excited to meet students from across the country with a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives, says a contributor to TakePart.com. I expected traditional forms of diversity—geographic, racial, ethnic, religious, gender and sexuality—but one form that surprised me was the diverse educational background of members of our freshman class. Despite our relative enlightenment about political issues, foreign affairs, and—of course—pop culture, most of us attended high school without any idea of the quality of high schools down the street or across the state. I met students hailing from urban, suburban, and rural schools with vastly different experiences, and some with remarkably similar ones: students from elite prep schools complaining about a focus on AP test prep juxtaposed with students from struggling district schools plagued by daily test prep…

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