Professor allegedly assaulted at McDonald’s for wearing futuristic eyewear

University of Toronto professor Steve Mann has been making and wearing his own futuristic eyewear since way before we’d even heard about Google Glass — you can even see him modeling his own creations on his Wikipedia page, Tecca reports. By the late 1990s, his wearable device evolved into the EyeTap Digital Eye Glass, an eyepiece equipped with a camera that can help people see better. And according to Mann’s newest post on his website, it may also be the reason why he was allegedly physically assaulted at a McDonald’s restaurant in Paris, France during a recent family trip. Since the EyeTap isn’t exactly easy to miss, he brings its documentation and a letter from his doctor wherever he goes. The first McDonald’s employee who asked about the device didn’t seem to have an issue with it. But after Mann and his family ordered and were seated, an employee flanked by two others reportedly tried to yank the eyewear from his head. Since that’s an impossible task — the EyeTap is screwed to Mann’s skull — they just pushed him out the door…

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