The Fall Semester Rush: Appointment-Plus Academic Scheduling Software to Automate, Simplify Scheduling at Hundreds of Colleges, Universities Nationwide

Scottsdale, AZ – In a true sign of the upcoming fall semester at institutes of higher learning, Appointment-Plus academic scheduling software is seeing an increase in the number of university systems, colleges, community colleges and technical schools choosing its leading online scheduling solution for automating, streamlining and simplifying the appointment and reservation processes on campuses nationwide. They’re turning to Appointment-Plus for its proven functionality, dependability and flexibility to efficiently manage a variety of student appointments and facilities, such as academic advising, counseling, professor meeting times, financial aid, testing and room bookings.

And they’re making the scheduling process convenient for both student and faculty alike by allowing students to book their own appointments or reservations 24 hours a day through any Internet-connected device, such as laptops, smartphones, tablets and other mobile scheduling devices.

“Scheduling an appointment by phone or in-person is not convenient, especially for today’s college students who prefer to conduct such tasks online,” says Bob La Loggia, CEO of Appointment-Plus. “And some simply do not have the time to book these during normal office hours, given their busy academic schedules.

“That’s what makes Appointment-Plus so popular among university systems and institutes of higher education, as it provides the perfect scheduling solution for today’s Internet-connected society.”

As the leading provider of academic scheduling software since 2001 and creators of the scheduling industry’s most flexible and feature-rich application, Appointment-Plus gives college and university professors, faculty and staff the online tools they need to completely transform their scheduling procedures. In addition to online student scheduling, other features that improve the scheduling process include automated e-mail and text message reminders sent to students prior to their scheduled appointment or reservation times; robust record-keeping and reporting capabilities; and e-marketing options that allow for instant and seamless communications with students.

Appointment-Plus academic advising software is especially well-suited for handling the unique scheduling needs of university systems and large colleges looking for a standardized and uniform method of scheduling across multiple campuses, departments and facilities, as well as scheduling large numbers of staff members, students and services. Included in its Scheduling Cloud ™ Enterprise Solution are:

• Application programming interface (API) functionality and Web services that allow for seamless integration with existing software systems.
• A highly scalable system that allows institutions and university systems to easily accommodate increases in workload, users and growth across numerous locations, campuses and departments.
• The most configurable scheduling software system available.
• 24-hour support from its headquarters in Scottsdale, Ariz.
• Dedicated business and support contacts.
• “Turnkey”, existing solutions that are instantly ready to go live.
• Custom graphic user interface (GUI) development.

Faculty, staff and administrators also benefit from the growing library of integrations, syncs and modules found in the Appointment-Plus Marketplace, the scheduling industry’s most robust collection of plug-ins that seamlessly mesh the scheduling system with common software applications. Among those of particular interest to education professionals are syncs with QuickBooks, Google Calendar and e-marketing providers such as Constant Contact.

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About Appointment-Plus: Appointment-Plus ( is the worldwide leader in online scheduling solutions for higher education, growing businesses, enterprises, government and logistics. With over 15 million end-users and 85 million appointments booked since its inception in 2001, Appointment-Plus is one of the fastest growing cloud-based services in the world. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., organizations ranging in size from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses use Appointment-Plus to book an average of three million appointments monthly.