In a strategic memo that University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan had written before she was forced by the school’s governing board to announce her resignation, she spoke of a “reputation gap” at the elite public institution, Valerie Strauss, columnist for the Washington Post, reports.

“In a number of critical areas we are reputed to be better than we actually are,” she wrote in the memo.

If the school had a reputation gap before, the drama over the fate of Sullivan is only serving to widen it. My colleagues Daniel de Vise and Anita Kumar have been documenting the surprising episode at the Charlottesville school that exploded a week ago when Sullivan, who was hired two years ago and had been a popular president, announced that she was soon resigning.The reasons that the school’s governing board forced her out were not made public and so rumor filled the empty space where fact should have been made clear by the people behind her ouster…

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