Tegrity Surveys U.S. College Students and Finds Lecture Capture Leads to
Improved Learning and Higher Grades

Santa Clara, CA – (May 21, 2012) – More than 11,000 U.S college students reported improved study efficiency, increased course satisfaction and higher grades due to lecture capture technology, according to a Fall 2011 survey conducted by Tegrity, a unit of McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

Lecture capture solutions enable professors to record lectures, supplemental materials and classroom discussion so that students can access them “wherever, whenever,” ultimately providing a more flexible, efficient and effective learning experience. Survey respondents who had used Tegrity Campus to review course material and prepare for exams indicated that lecture capture heightened their motivation to study, improved their learning and helped them earn a better grade in their course.

The Tegrity Campus users surveyed were drawn from a range of public and private and two-year and four-year institutions across the U.S. Students used Tegrity as much as three or more times a week to take notes, review class material or study for exams across a variety of courses including health and science, engineering, math, liberal arts and business/management. Survey respondents were evenly split between 18 to 24 year-olds or 25 and older.

Across the survey findings, students reported that lecture capture had a significant impact on their education. The survey revealed:
• Nearly two-thirds of students credited Tegrity for increasing their motivation to study
• When considering the impact of lecture capture on how they study, 85 percent of students felt Tegrity increased their study effectiveness
• 90 percent of students surveyed indicated that lecture capture has increased the amount of material they learned in the course
• 85 percent of survey respondents stated that Tegrity increased their satisfaction with the course
• 70 percent of students reported that Tegrity helped them earn a better grade in their course

“I am a firefighter and with my work schedule, the only way I can attend college is online. Tegrity has played a huge part in my success at Calhoun Community College because it lets me watch lectures and classes online anytime, when it’s convenient for me,” said Charles Smith, a Calhoun Community College student. “Being able to review lessons and lectures before a test has helped me tremendously and Tegrity has greatly contributed to my 3.9 GPA. My experience at Calhoun has been great because of Tegrity.”

While some debate that lecture capture technology increases the likelihood of students skipping class in favor of viewing the lecture at another time, today’s survey results further demonstrate how Tegrity actually increases student engagement and attendance. The Tegrity student survey found less than 15 percent of respondents indicated that they used Tegrity due to a missed class, which is in line with the national average of student truancy in higher education. In fact, almost 20 percent of students indicated that Tegrity increased their class attendance. This correlates well with a similar survey conducted with instructors, in which 85 percent of survey participants indicated that Tegrity had no impact on or actually increased student attendance in their class sessions.

“We conducted the survey so we could further understand how students are using lecture capture and specifically what impact it is having on their educational experience,” said Michael Berger, senior director, Tegrity. “We were thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive response from those who are working with and finding academic success with Tegrity on a weekly basis. With more than 90 percent of the students surveyed stating they’d like to use Tegrity in all of their classes, the value is clear.”

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