Vantage Learning’s IntelliMetric a Top Performer in Automated Student Assessment Prize Study

Vantage Learning’s IntelliMetric® a Top Performer in Automated Student Assessment Prize Study
Trial of Automated Essay Scoring Systems, like Vantage Learning’s IntelliMetric®, Shows Electronic Scoring to Be As Effective As Human Graders

YARDLEY, PA (April 13, 2012) — Vantage Learning, a recognized leader in online assessment and instruction, recently ranked high among participants of an analysis on the viability of using automated essay scoring for a new generation of assessments. Vantage was one of nine commercial companies to take part in the Automated Student Assessment Prize, or ASAP, study sponsored by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and supported by the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers and Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.

According to the study’s results, automated scoring systems, like Vantage Learning’s IntelliMetric®, are more reliable than hand scoring. Analysis also found that electronic essay scoring is fast and cost effective. Though past studies of IntelliMetric® have also shown these findings to be true, the ASAP study asserts that it was the first comprehensive, multi-vendor study to test such claims.

In part, the study was designed to evaluate the degree to which current high-stakes writing assessments, as well as those anticipated under the Common Core, may be scored by automated systems. Vantage’s IntelliMetric® is already the name trusted by several major testing companies for high-stakes assessments. Since its development in 1998, Vantage has applied exceptional artificial intelligence and natural language comprehension technology to become one of the leading providers of writing instruction and automated essay scoring services.

As an intelligent electronic scoring system, IntelliMetric® is also used to score low stakes writing evaluations. One of the most important applications of the program has been in the area of writing instruction. IntelliMetric® provides students with the ability to conduct numerous attempts at writing assignments, as well as immediate, detailed feedback on their writing. As the scoring engine behind MY Access!® and other , IntelliMetric® is widely used in classrooms throughout the world and has won numerous awards for its patented innovation.

“The clear takeaway from the ASAP study is that automated essay scoring works, and works well,” said Dr. Matthew Schultz, Director Psychometric Services for Vantage. “We are pleased that our scoring engine performs effectively, but it is our ability to enhance teaching and learning that is an even greater accomplishment. It’s our platform’s tools for remediation that help students learn and engage in the writing process that really sets us apart from our peers.”

More than 16,000 essays from six participating state departments of education were released for the study, which challenged the participating vendors to approximate established essay scores with their software. These essays encompassed writing assessment items from seventh, eighth and ninth grades. Though IntelliMetric® performed consistently well in the study, it did exceedingly well scoring persuasive and source-based essays that were scored on a six point rubric.

For more about the study and its findings, please see last week’s ASAP press announcement.

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