Hyland Software partners with CollegeSource, expands OnBase transfer credit evaluation solution

Integrating Hyland’s ECM solution with offerings from CollegeSource, Inc., provides higher education institutions with a complete transcript capture and transfer credit evaluation solution

CLEVELAND – March 27, 2012 – Today’s economic climate finds most campuses with fewer enrollment staff to effectively manage admissions processes. At the same time, more transfer students arrive with previous college credit ready to complete their degree, hoping they won’t have to repeat a class. To handle the increasing number of applications and course evaluations, schools need to automate processes. Partnering with digital college catalog and transfer evaluation solutions provider CollegeSource, Inc., Hyland Software further enhances its OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) solutions to automate transfer credit evaluation processes for higher education institutions.

How the solution works:
• OnBase’s transcript capture capabilities import, index and analyze the transcript data, while at the same time updating the student information system (SIS) or degree audit system. OnBase searches for existing course equivalencies in the articulation database – even searching third-party sites. The partnership now enables mutual OnBase and CollegeSource Transfer Evaluation System (TES®) users to automate the callouts to TES® to find a match.
• TES® draws on CollegeSource’s database of over 50 million course descriptions and more than 60 thousand cover-to-cover electronic catalogs to locate course descriptions and propose equivalencies, routing the information to credit evaluators and exporting the resulting equivalency information to the SIS.
• In the rare case where a course equivalency is not found, OnBase kicks off workflow processes to push exceptions for review by academic departments, either through TES® or within the OnBase system itself. If desired, approved course equivalencies can be added to CollegeSource’s u.achieve, or to other degree audit systems.

“Improving the efficiency of admissions processes helps schools manage increased volume without adding staff,” said Tom von Gunden, higher education industry manager for Hyland Software. “Extending the capabilities of OnBase with a digital course evaluation component like TES®, the Transfer Evaluation System from CollegeSource, Inc., enhances an end-to-end solution that’s a real differentiator for student service.”

Taking too long to process an application may lead frustrated prospective students to apply elsewhere. Quickly applying proper course credit and expediting admissions decisions allows schools to matriculate students sooner, sending them on their way toward degree completion.

“The CollegeSource and Hyland partnership provides schools with two tremendous benefits – increased access to data that will help institutions form more accurate course equivalencies and automation to improve the overall efficiency of the evaluation process,” said Troy Holaday, president of CollegeSource, Inc. “Strategically, this partnership with Hyland gives higher education institutions a competitive advantage.”

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About the Hyland Software solution, OnBase
For more than 20 years, Hyland Software has been dedicated to meeting organizations’ needs for document and process management with OnBase, an enterprise content management (ECM) solution suite. OnBase has evolved through consistent and customer-driven product innovation and is focused on automating business processes that depend on documents, content and people to operate more effectively.

Hyland is one of the largest providers of ECM software for colleges and universities. To support the higher education enterprise, Hyland tailors its flexible, scalable and secure ECM solution to fit specific processes across institutions, from admissions processing and review, including transcript capture and transfer credit evaluation, to AP invoice processing. This end-to-end solution enables institutions to leverage existing hardware investments, integrate with student information systems and alleviate administrative burdens on IT. For more information about Hyland Software’s ECM solutions, please visit http://www.hyland.com/highered

About CollegeSource
Incorporated in 2003, CollegeSource has roots that date back to 1971 when Harry G. Cooper founded the not-for-profit National Microfilm Library. The mission was to save institutions of higher education millions of dollars annually by offering a low-cost alternative to printing and shipping paper catalogs by providing an annual microfiche collection of US college catalogs. Today, CollegeSource, Inc. remains focused on providing institutions of higher education with smart tools that eliminate inefficient practices and help improve the student experience. In 2006, CollegeSource, Inc. launched its newest service, the Transfer Evaluation System (TES®). www.collegesource.com