eCampus News March 2011

eCampus News March 2011
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15 Campus libraries are using technology to save time for users and staff, resulting in significant cost savings as well.
3 Front Lines
19 Stakeholder Relations
21 Money Matters
22 Product Spotlight
22 eCampus Partners
Leading Edge
It’s man vs. machine in a game of Jeopardy! that could show how far artificial intelligence has come.
Teaching & Research
JFK library opens first online presidential archive; nursing students use iPods in their studies.
the News
1 $2 billion that could change eLearning
1 Obama: Spare education from budget cuts’
1 To ‘friend’ or not to ‘friend’: Dilemma for today’s profs’
6 For minorities, a new ‘digital divide’ seen’
8 Tech-savvy students prompt colleges to rethink rules’
9 Schools could profit, or lose, as web runs out of addresses’
10 How Google’s leadership change could affect education’
11 States look to Indiana as a model for online instruction’
11 Report predicts online learning explosion by 2015′
12 Comcast’s legal win raises questions for education’
12 Google makes ed-tech splash with apps marketplace’
13 Verizon challenges new net-neutrality rules in court’
13 Virtual classrooms take over LSAT preparation’
14 New site offers college essays, sans plagiarism’
14 Colleges accept video essays to connect with students’
1 8 Maine community college uses Skype to tutor students’