eCampus News November-December 2010

eCampus News November\ December 2010
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13 Next-Generation Network Security: Schools are

using a layered approach to defend against threats.

— Jennifer Nastu

5 Front Lines
26 Viewpoint
27 Leading Edge
27 Eye on the Balls
28 Stakeholder Relations
30 Law & Ethics
31 Product Spotlight
31 Partner Index
Jacqueline Moloney Success at the Top

UMass-Lowell’s Jacqueline Moloney: Lecture capture helps students ‘review, review, review.’.

eCampus Security

The best way to avoid data loss on campus? Give USB drives the thumb.

the News
1 Fla. college to become eBook pioneer
1 For-profit leader to make key changes
1 College dropouts strain U.S. coffers
1 Students call social media blackout ‘annoying’
6 How to use higher ed’s ‘new toy’: Social media
8 House Democrats punt on net neutrality
10 Panel: Troubles abound in online-learning regulation
12 Obama: 2-yr. schools central to economic recovery
14 After tragedy, a call for change
14 Universities commit to open-access journal movement
18 Program prepares future college CIOs
18 U.S. senator calls for expansion of textbook rentals
20 Info on 40,000 students mistakenly appears online
20 To skip or not to skip? New site helps students decide
22 Is this the ‘year of the smart phone’ on campus?