Contrary to media reports, Cornell is not experiencing bandwidth problems as a result of iPad use on campus, reports the Cornell Daily Sun. Though Princeton and George Washington University have banned the use of some iPads, Apple’s newest handheld touch-screen device, because of possible security issues, Cornell has not taken such measures, according to Dave Vernon, director of information technology. The Wall Street Journal reported late last week that Cornell was experiencing problems with connectivity and that it feared it would experience bandwidth overload as a result of the iPad. The story, which also noted that Princeton and George Washington had banned iPad use, was picked up by a number of technology blogs. Vernon maintained that these reports about a Cornell iPad ban were untrue. “We have researched the issue and have found no negative impact at Cornell at this time,” he stated in an eMail message. The iPad is currently on sale at the Cornell Store, and users have been able to operate the device successfully on campus…

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