Facebook has launched a revamped internal site designed to help people stay safe and report threats while on the popular online hangout, reports the Associated Press. Facebook’s “Safety Center,” which features new tools for parents, educators, teens, and law-enforcement officials, is the first major endeavor from the social networking site and its four-month-old global safety advisory board. The company unveiled its Safety Center a day after meeting with child advocacy officials in the U.K., who had been pushing the company to install a so-called “panic button” on the site for some time, following the kidnapping and murder there of a teenager by a man she encountered on Facebook. In a statement on April 13, Britain’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center called Facebook’s move “long overdue” and “nothing more than we would expect from any responsible social network provider.” But it added that “critical issues remain unresolved” because Facebook did not actually install a panic button. Facebook’s board is composed of internet safety groups Common Sense Media, ConnectSafely, WiredSafety, Childnet International, and the Family Online Safety Institute. Some new features of the safety center include more content on staying safe, such as dealing with bullying online, as well as an interactive portal and a simpler design…

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