The Bare Bones Basics of UDL – Universal Design for Learning

Moderated by Kevin Hogan, eCampus News, Content Director

You have probably heard the term “universal design for learning,” or UDL, floating around your college or university. Listen to this interactive webinar to find out what it is and how it can help you to save time and effort in your interactions with learners—whether you are a faculty member, support staffer, or campus leader.

Thomas J. Tobin of the University of Wisconsin-Madison talks about what UDL is (and isn’t), and how a simple mental shift can help us to reach out to our learners and give them just 20 more minutes for study and interaction in their busy days.

Listen to discover:

  • How to implement UDL in the design of your course and service interactions
  • How to create spaces for best teaching and support practices to take place—in the classroom and beyond

View now to explore the neuroscience roots of the UDL framework, and gain a set of clear first steps for implementing UDL in your Blackboard course environment.