Scheduling for a Complex Workforce

Posted on: May 16, 2019

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About Event

Scheduling workers in a variety of departments across colleges and universities is like no other industry.  The complexities each group brings based on employee type, certifications/skills, limitations, etc… can make it feel like an endless job of swapping, shifting, and re-arranging schedules especially when done manually.  Departments such as dining, catering, housing, and campus safety, in particular, have very unique requirements to address.  Not having a clear and concise process creates an endless cycle of frustration for the employee and manager.  Student workers add another layer of intricacy to an already complicated operation.  Work study policies, classes, and extra-curricular activities all have to be factored in when creating schedules.  Institutions everywhere are constantly balancing student worker needs while keeping up with the high demand for services.

Join us for this informative webinar on how automating scheduling and staffing to meet the day-to-day needs of a complex workforce has become essential for survival.  As colleges and universities put more focus on recruiting and retaining both students and employees, the need to create a better experience increases.   This can be achieved by modernizing how an employee and manager interact with daily schedules.  Hear from industry experts on their experience and what the future holds for the Higher Education workforce.