Leaving a Legacy: Secrets to Transferring Technology Management Expertise

Posted on: November 14, 2018

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Posted on: November 14, 2018

Change is inevitable and comes in many forms. As employees retire or change jobs, the wealth of technology knowledge and history around your facilities that these individuals hold could be lost. This is seen frequently in the constantly changing, dynamic, fast-paced world of technology operations.

In this webinar we’ll discuss how educational institutions like Cary Academy are putting plans into place to help protect the future of their organizations, utilizing both industry best practices and leveraging cutting edge IT solutions.

Join Forrest Cooper, the Dude Solutions team, and Karen McKenzie of Cary Academy as we discuss:

  • Common scenarios that bring about change in technology departments
  • What is at risk of falling through the cracks as a result of change
  • Best practices and tools to help protect against potential risk
  • How to be an “agent of transformation” and leave an impactful, lasting legacy