Is This the End of the Paper Chase?

When Patricia (Tricia) Clay first started at Hudson County Community College’s (HCCC) as CIO five years ago, she lightheartedly described their technology as “advanced for 1995.” Since then, the school has been on a mission to implement online document management systems effectively. In her conversation with eCampus News, she emphasizes the need to streamline processes, reduce unnecessary data collection, and encourage user adoption of digital tools. Click through for a listen and scroll down for some major takeaways from the interview.

1) Historical Perspective: Tricia draws parallels between the challenges faced by colleges transitioning to paperless campuses and the historical concept of the “paperless office,” highlighting the complexities involved in eliminating paper entirely.

2) Digital Workflow Benefits: Tricia emphasizes that while complete paper elimination may be challenging in education, the administrative side of colleges can greatly benefit from digital workflows, improving efficiency and processes.…Read More