RandomDorm: Chatroulette for the college set

Using the video chat service Chatroulette can be highly entertaining, but there’s always the chance of encountering something unsavory on the service, which randomly matches strangers for video interaction. One entrepreneur is hoping to limit the chances of that, at least for the collegiate set, with a new web site called RandomDorm, reports the New York Times. RandomDorm takes the thrilling serendipity of being paired with an anonymous stranger in a video chat room and limits it to college campuses. Participants need a college eMail address to access the web service. Or, they can sign in using Facebook as long as the primary eMail address tied to that account ends with “.edu.” Tying the users to a specific identity in theory will make them more accountable, although it’s unclear whether RandomDorm’s limited pool will increase the chances of seeing someone chugging beers online or performing more extreme college antics. For now, RandomDorm is limited to students at schools in the United States, but in the future, the company hopes to open it up to international universities, as long as there is demand…

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