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This exclusive Whitepaper Library brings you the latest whitepapers in education technology, covering topics like Student Performance, Classroom strategies, Student Retention, Data Analytics for decision making, and so much more. New whitepapers are added to the library often so check back for the most recent whitepapers available.

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Webinar: Innovative Display Solutions in Education

Learning environments in the digital age are more highly tactile and collaborative than at any time before. Today’s students, whether in an elementary school or a cutting-edge university, want an immersive, interactive learning experience. But it can be hard sifting through the countless learning technology options to meet those needs. In this free webinar, experts from NEC highlight all the exciting collaborative technologies available today and how working with global audio/video solutions leader, AVI-SPL, can propel your facility to the leading edge of modern education.…

Four Ways Video Walls Help Attract Students and Create Collaborative Learning Environments

As traditional institutions struggle to find new ways to stay relevant, one emerging technology trend, video walls, is helping colleges and universities wow incoming students and prove their relevance. Learn what types of video wall applications are being implemented in higher education—and how they address critical challenges on campus. …

Case Study: Creating the Library of Tomorrow

Yesterday’s library of card catalogs and the Dewey Decimal System is passé. Today’s learners are tech-savvy and non-conventional. They want a vibrant library environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and deeply engaged learning. Learn how a major university partnered with the world’s leading audio/video solutions provider, AVI-SPL, to make full use of today’s cutting-edge collaborative learning technologies to build the library of the future.…

How to Build an Online Language Course for the 21st Century

Many colleges and universities are developing online programs for the first time. Learn how American Public University System (APUS) a university system serving 100,000 plus online students created an online language course for its students. …

Discover 4 Models for Integrating Technology into the College Classroom

65% of universities that participated in the study, Going the Distance: Online Education in the United States, 2011, stated that online learning was a critical part of their long-term strategy. However, while many institutions believe that online learning is critical to their future, very few actually have an online learning initiative or plan in place.…

Students and faculty speak, Brown University listens: Canvas is the choice

Marketplace innovations had Brown University re-evaluating its overall LMS strategy. Administrators were increasingly concerned that their current technologies were not keeping up. Download this case study to learn why Brown University chose Canvas.…

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