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Ed-Tech Leadership

Seeking competitive advantage? Look to “clusters”

An increasingly discussed topic in academics is the concept of “cluster” networks. According to experts, these clusters – the co-location and interconnection of related industries and schools – help increase…

At this college, IT staff are former students

The term "win-win" has been beaten to death in recent years, but it does succinctly convey the idea of mutual benefit. Now, in an innovative internship arrangement with a software…

10 higher ed blogs worth the quick read in 2016

Though Twitter is always good for a quick one-sentence thought-and-reply, it’s still blogs that evoke not only the most thoughtful opinion summations from its authors, but also attract a community…

Initiative aims to boost female leadership

A new initiative aims to ensure that, by 2030, half of U.S. college and university chief executives are women. Moving the Needle: Advancing Women Leaders in Higher Education was launched by…

3 critical parts of HEA reauthorization

Fairness, innovation, and accountability are the three guiding principles Congress should use as it reviews the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act (HEA) in light the use of technology and…

Leaders give their 2016 higher-ed predictions

Virtual Reality is the technology that will dominate 2016, and data will basically permeate every aspect of campus decision-making. At least, that’s what a handful of higher-ed’s innovation and technology…

Editorial Pick 2015: Biggest cloud challenge? It’s not the technology

Today, schools are focused on the upside of cloud deployments for everything from LMSs to SISs—and that upside can be truly significant. But even as earlier fears about the cloud…

Rice U. offers $1.5M in business plan competition

Applications are now open for the 16th annual Rice Business Plan Competition at Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business April 14-16. Graduate students with a business plan for a…

Higher education agrees: Student graduation takes a village

From new college rankings to government funding initiatives, higher education is under increasing pressure to prove student outcomes success with graduation rates as an indicator. But at what stage of…

Your .edu site for 2016 looks like this

Add together social media strategy and digital marketing tactics, sprinkle with interactive design flare, then let rise in the hotbed of a campus community and you’ve got a .edu site…

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