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Safety & Security

Data kept safe through encryption, cloud storage

This summer, data on American campuses was under attack, with some schools like the University of Wisconsin reporting 100,000 cyber-attacks from Chinese IP addresses every day.

At the same…

New college security system worries privacy advocates

The University of Kentucky is spending nearly $5 million to assemble a campus security system that relies heavily on 2,000 surveillance cameras, raising questions among some privacy advocates.


Access control: a vital part of campus security

A modern access control system can be hosted on a campus network, allowing it to integrate with other systems to produce a more effective and efficient security response.

Students concerned about university spying

They’re always watching. At least that’s what the majority of students think about campus administrators when using the internet.

Nearly eighty percent of college students in the U.S.…

Professor told to delete NSA-related blog post from university site

A university professor who wrote a blog post detailing how the National Security Agency breaks secure internet connections was asked to remove the article from the school's servers, inciting cries…

BYOD security challenges are old mortarboard for universities

Businesses coping with security issues stemming from employee use of personal devices for company work are only experiencing what universities have grappled with for years, CSO Online reports. "Many of us…

Cyberattack on Alamo Colleges is thwarted

The Alamo Colleges shut down several computer systems Wednesday to protect them from a cyberattack, officials said, mySA reports. The community college district discovered the attack about 11 a.m. and as…

University cybersecurity: Different, but still the same

Universities are shoring up their cybersecurity strategies amid a rising wave of attacks on their networks, GCN reports. Schools from the University of North Carolina to the University of California…

Colleges play it safe after latest data breach

Colleges play it safe after latest data breach

UD's early-August security breach was due to a third-party software the school had been using, Karl Hassler, associate director of IT Network Systems and Services at UD, said in an…

University of Mississippi Medical Center admits data breach

The Clarion-Ledger reports that an employee of the University of Mississippi Medical Center mistakenly attached a spreadsheet containing 2,279 students' personal information to a mass eMail sent on August 21,…

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