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Safety & Security

‘Sophisticated attack’ exposes 300K university records

Personal data from the records of more than 300,000 University of Maryland (UMD) students, faculty, staff, and various personnel were exposed in a massive data breach Feb. 19. The data…

UNC employees criticize university’s response to major data breach

Many UNC employees are still upset over last fall’s data breach, when the personal information housed by the University of more than 6,000 individuals was made publically accessible due to…

6 steps to better emergency preparedness on campus

Today’s college campuses are faced with a myriad of potential risks, ranging from active shooters and natural disasters to power outages and medical emergencies. While most institutions have emergency preparedness…

Universities: Key cogs in the cybersecurity fight

More than 3 million higher education records were compromised in more than 50 data security breaches in the past year.

The problem doesn’t end where the campus does, however.…

Universities brace for another year of security breaches

In fall 2012, a Montreal student was expelled after discovering a security flaw in his college’s computer system – a flaw, he said, that could have easily exposed the data…

Campus networks are (very) vulnerable to malware

It's no shock to anyone in higher education that campus networks are susceptible to data breaches, though a new report shows that colleges and universities are much more likely to…

Device theft a growing concern on campus

The theft of computing devices with confidential data on them is a growing concern for campus IT leaders, a national survey suggests.

For the past five years, the…

Campus technology unable to withstand internet crashes

Computers and the internet are crucial to the daily lives of college students. At UNA, this is no exception. Students use technology to complete their homework, connect with their friends…

Cybersecurity internship targets students

A U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) summer internship program for community college students focusing on cybersecurity was so successful, the department plans to ramp it up.

Twenty-three community…

Campus installs advanced emergency notification system

A new system of beacons and a computer software program are being installed at the University of Missouri (MU) to help quickly get the word out in case of emergencies,…

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