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Safety & Security

What universities need to know about the Heartbleed bug

The Heartbleed bug, a serious security flaw found earlier this month in the encryption software used by most secure websites, has many organizations scrambling to fix the issue -- including…

How to save lives with social media

Dallas, Texas -- The night before Byron Piatt was scheduled to speak about campus emergencies at the 2014 ACUTA conference here, his campus was experiencing an emergency of its own.

Campus emergency alerts, simplified

It might take days for a college student to gather every piece of information on how to respond to campus emergencies -- from assaults, to fires, to shootings and extreme…

The business of ed-tech: From blue lights to mobile apps

It was in a 2009 safety committee meeting with University of Florida (UF) officials that Jordan Johnson first mentioned the potential impact of mobile technology in bolstering campus safety. Johnson, then…

University of Maryland faces more cybersecurity woes

The University of Maryland alerted administrators last week that someone hacked into its computer network and accessed the personal data of a senior university official.

The "cyber-intrusion," as Ann…

The business of ed-tech: March Madness edition

Campus IT officials haven't always thought of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament as a technological nightmare of epic proportions.

That's what March Madness has become, however, on campuses large…

5 cutting-edge privacy considerations for Big Data

Big Data is taking higher education institutions by storm; however, the discussion has moved from whether or not Big Data is useful to whether or not institutions can actually manage…

University data breach prompts ‘top-to-bottom’ IT review

One week after a sophisticated cyberattack exposed more than 300,000 personal records of University of Maryland (UMD) students and alumni, university President Wallace Loh said he would launch a comprehensive…

University leaves student data exposed for 11 months

Sensitive personal information of 146,000 students and recent graduates at Indiana University -- including names, addresses, and Social Security numbers – may have been exposed after the data was kept…

‘Sophisticated attack’ exposes 300K university records

Personal data from the records of more than 300,000 University of Maryland (UMD) students, faculty, staff, and various personnel were exposed in a massive data breach Feb. 19. The data…

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