A new report reveals that awarding small grants to students on the verge of dropping out could boost graduation rates.

grants-collegeOregon’s seven public universities want more state money to help undergraduate students who are on the verge of graduation but face money woes to stay in school.

Higher education leaders are asking for $15 million from the Legislature during February’s short session to help students who otherwise might drop out stay in school and finish their degrees–a request officials don’t expect to receive with competing requests and a rapidly approaching legislative deadline.

According to a new report, even small grants can provide a big return with little investment, if the schools have the appropriate infrastructure in place.

Foiling the Drop-Out Trap, a report released by the Coalition of Urban Serving Universities and Association of Public & Land-Grant Universities looked at how 10 schools are faring with programs designed to intervene with vulnerable low-income students either before they drop out or shortly after.

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