Seton Hall University giving all incoming freshmen Nokia Lumia 900s

Seton hall will also use Nokia's data gathering service.

Nokia announced this week that Seton Hall University will be giving all its incoming freshmen this fall a Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone.

All Seton Hall students—no matter what their mobile device platform—currently have access to SHUmobile, an app that provides access to campus news feeds, directories, and maps.

But the Seton Hall freshmen receiving the Lumia 900s will have access to a custom Freshmen Experience component of the app, according to the Nokia news release.…Read More

Windows phone 7 revealed: What you need to know

Microsoft officially unveiled its new mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7, at a press event in New York City, reports ReadWriteWeb. CEO Steve Ballmer described the new line of Windows Phones as “different” and more modern, in both design and principles. With Windows Phone 7, the focus is on how “real people want to use their phones,” he said.  Besides being different, a key point Microsoft needs to drive home if wanting to compete in a crowded mobile landscape, there was also a big focus on personalization. “We also wanted these to be wonderfully mine, or yours, or yours, or the next person. Here’s my phone, the way I’ve made it wonderfully mine,” explained Ballmer. “My photos, my email, my start screen, my activities, my world… and of course, my avatar.”

The Software : Microsoft Corporate VP Joe Belifore described the phone’s final software as an operating system that helps you get things done. “We wanted to figure out how to build a phone that simplifies the basics,” he said…

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