Review: Microsoft Surface Pro, the surface that’s more PC than tablet

How do you reinvent the PC for the tablet era? Asks Microsoft, not surprisingly, has been spending a lot of time mulling over that question in recent years. Its touch-centric new operating system, Windows 8, is largely devoted to answering it. And for the first time ever, the company decided to show us exactly what it thinks a modern PC/tablet hybrid should be by designing and selling its own Windows computer, Surface. Except it didn’t come up with one Surface — it built two of them. The first version, Surface Windows RT, shipped in October, simultaneously with Windows 8. Technically speaking, however, it isn’t a Windows 8 machine: It uses a power-efficient ARM processor and a special version of Windows called Windows RT which only runs new programs designed for the touch-friendly “modern” interface, not all the apps written for conventional PCs. Starting at $499, it’s the closest thing Microsoft has to a direct iPad competitor…

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