Gallaudet University adjusts to a culture that includes more hearing students

The quiet campus of Gallaudet University in Northeast Washington was always a place where students could speak the unspoken language of deaf America and be understood, reports the Washington Post. That is no longer so true. For the first time in living memory, significant numbers of freshmen at the nation’s premiere university for the deaf and hard of hearing arrive lacking proficiency in American Sign Language and experience with deaf culture. Rising numbers of Gallaudet students are products of a hearing world…

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Dangerous Colorado State University megaparty fueled by social media

The party's Facebook page had nearly 3,000 registered people. Police estimated at least 2,000 people showed up at the complex.

An apartment complex near Colorado State University that used Facebook to advertise “the biggest pool party of the year'” got more than it bargained for–at least 2,000 people, most of them college students, showed up.

It wasn’t long before the police followed.

Four people, including two CSU football players, were arrested at the Fort Collins apartment complex on Saturday. Ten people were taken to the hospital, most of them for overconsumption of alcohol or minor injuries.…Read More