Professor has 180,000 students in MOOC

If college professors think a lecture hall full of 300 students is a big class, that would seem like private tutoring compared to the enrollment of a single philosophy Coursera class taught by a Duke University professor, the Huffington Post reports. “Think Again: How to Reason and Argue,” a massive open online course co-taught by Duke professor Walter Sinnott-Armstrong and University of North Carolina professor Ram Neta, has 180,000 students registered to take it, the Charlotte News & Observer reports. The large enrollment in the class makes it one of the biggest MOOCs to be offered, but many students dropped didn’t stick around. The News & Observer reports 70,000 never watched the first video posted online, and eight weeks in, 26,000 people were classified as active in the class. However, that’s still far more than Sinnott-Armstrong said he could ever teach in a traditional setting. He estimated he’s probably able to teach 8,000 students over a 40-year span, averaging around 100 to 200 each year…

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