Crunch The Numbers—The Latest Data on Student and Administrator Feedback

Independent research published by leading international schools provider Nord Anglia Education this month shows that one in two young people (18–25 year olds) think their education helped them become digitally fluent and confident at using new technologies.

Conducted by Kantar for Nord Anglia Education, the global research looked into the life skills young people worldwide see as important. On average, only around half of the global Gen Z’ers (54%) agreed with the statement “their education helped them to become digitally fluent and comfortable using new technologies.” In India, 69% of the Gen Z’ers felt their education helped them become confident with new technologies, compared to their Gen Z peers in the USA and the UK, where only 51% and 42%, respectively, agreed with the statement.

Given the wave of new artificial intelligence and artificial generative intelligence tools, the research findings underline the importance of preparing students for the future, according to Nord Anglia.…Read More

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