Many higher-ed institutions are turning to online models to more cheaply deliver certain kinds of courses and assess student learning. Is this, in fact, a good or sustainable strategy? What role does technology have to reduce the costs of delivering post-secondary education? Two researchers join this month’s Symposium to discuss how technology-enabled online learning and competency-based models have the potential to improve the overall affordability and sustainability of education.

–Meris Stansbury, Editor
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  • Funding America’s next top higher-ed IT model

    Supporting new IT initiatives needed for today’s institutions means implementing funding models as nimble as the technology they support.

    By Paige Francis, CIO at Fairfield University

    Current buzzwords for technology are indicative of how we want it to behave in any environment – agile, responsive, integrative, nimble, and streamlined. The good news is that these attributes are now commonly available in many of today’s solutions. Yet implementing these flexible technologies oftentimes proves difficult, not because of the technology itself, but because our funding models are anything but agile and responsive. Indeed, the technology funding models we use in higher education have handcuffed IT leaders to archaic solutions that hinder our ability to truly support our institutions’ ability to deliver a first-rate teaching and learning environment in fiscally sound ways.

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