Many higher-ed institutions are turning to online models to more cheaply deliver certain kinds of courses and assess student learning. Is this, in fact, a good or sustainable strategy? What role does technology have to reduce the costs of delivering post-secondary education? Two researchers join this month’s Symposium to discuss how technology-enabled online learning and competency-based models have the potential to improve the overall affordability and sustainability of education.

–Meris Stansbury, Editor
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  • The disruptive innovation that will skill up America

    Scale and modularization through CBE will provide significant opportunities for learners.

    By Dr. Michelle Weise

    Disruption is probably one of the most overused buzzwords in education, yet few seem to know what it means. In higher education especially, there’s a tendency to take an exciting technological advancement, call it a disruptive innovation, cram it into the classroom experience, and then hope that efficiencies will magically appear. But a disruptive innovation doesn’t necessarily entail a technological breakthrough. In fact, in our most recent work in higher education called Hire Education, Clayton Christensen and I underscore that there is true disruptive potential in online competency-based education (CBE) aligned to workforce needs even though the parts of this whole are not at all new.

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  • Affordability and sustainability through ICT-supported education

    Why it’s critical to understand the potential of technology to not only improve student learning, but help the planet.

    By Dan O’Neill

    The affordability of college education, conjoined with the discussion of the public and/or private value generated by that education, has never been a more important topic. If we believe that society must educate the global population in order to create a better world for present and future generations, then it is critical for those of us in higher education to understand the role that technology has to play in enabling post-secondary learning for all.

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Outcomes will influence cost

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