Ridgefield Park, New Jersey (February 17, 2010) – Samsung Techwin America’s Electronic Imaging Division (www.samsunggrants.com), a market leader in document camera technology, today announced its new ‘Active Learning’ Grant Program – offering 50 SAMCAM 860 document cameras to U.S. teachers based on need. “Our goal is to help upgrade the quality of technology tools in American schools,” said Richard Bellomy, V.P. of Sales for Samsung Techwin’s Electronic Imaging Division. “As I read through the 2009 grant program entries, I was truly inspired by the potential good that this program can bring to teachers and students. So much so, that we decided to repeat the grant program for 2010.” Please go to www.samsunggrants.com to enter and to see a list of the 2009 winners.

Samsung is known throughout educational institutions across the country as providing document cameras with the highest quality images due to its precision optics combined with its expertise in display output technology. Through this grant program, Samsung is looking to award a total of 50 Samsung SAMCAM 860 digital presenters to those schools who could best utilize a document camera that offers extremely sharp resolution and clarity.

Teachers have found that when a document camera is used to create and support classroom lessons, students become much more interested and actively participate. Most experts agree that today’s students are visual learners and as such gain a better understanding of the lesson materials visually displayed on screen, thereby increasing their retention of the subject matter. With Samsung’s new SAMCAM 860 and its 48X auto-focus zoom lens, science experiments can be seen in great detail by everyone in the classroom. Plus the entire procedure can be saved as still images or recorded as movies with audio to be reviewed when needed. Math problems and concepts can be displayed using math manipulatives for the entire class to see. With Samsung’s bundled application for Windows and Mac, the SAMCAM 860 can connect to any electronic whiteboard for easy-to-use annotation over any image and can also be used as a web cam. Teachers have found that the document camera is a great benefit for all subject areas and has improved the way they are able to teach.

The SAMCAM 860 provides native SXGA (1280×1024) output at a full motion 30 frames per second plus additional output resolutions at 1080P, 720P, XGA and more. A built-in macro mode provides amazing detail with the standard lens, plus a microscope mode is available (with an accessory lens).

Any teacher in a United States school is eligible to apply and applications should be submitted on or before June 1, 2010. Awards will be delivered to winners no later than September 1, 2010. Teachers just need to go to www.samsunggrants.com to apply. The MSRP of the Samsung SAMCAM 860 is $799.

For more information about Samsung Techwin America’s Electronic Imaging Division and its full line of affordable and innovative document cameras, call 877-213-1222, ext. 3306 or go to www.samsungpresenterusa.com.

About Samsung Techwin America – Electronic Imaging Division
Samsung Techwin America is a market leader in document cameras for use in the education sector, ranging from K-12 to universities, courtroom applications, as well as numerous Fortune 500 companies. Every Samsung document camera provides the quality and innovation that has built the Samsung name─ quality optics, a robust feature set, a wealth of user-friendly features, and state-of-the-art digital imaging technology. Additionally Samsung Techwin markets a full line of security products under the CCTV Division. Samsung Techwin America is the U.S. subsidiary of Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd. in Sungnam Kyungki-Do, Korea. Samsung is the world’s 11th largest company. www.samsungpresenterusa.com.
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