October 6, 2009 – Salt Lake City, UT – An independent national study of 212 schools shows that usage of PD 360, School Improvement Network’s premier on-demand professional learning resource, significantly improves student achievement in both math and reading.[1]  In schools that reported a high use of PD 360, the percentage of students scoring proficient or advanced in both reading and math consistently rose dramatically over the collective district benchmark from the prior year.
The study was based on data collected for 4th and 8th graders, contrasting performance for students in schools with high participation in PD 360 with the district as a whole (sample graphs shown).[2]   Fourth graders in schools with high utilization of PD 360 outperformed the 4th graders in their respective districts in Math by 9% (p<.001), also experiencing an increase while the district fell; 8th graders in the high PD 360 schools showed an astounding 28.8% advantage (p<.0001).  The performance gap in 4th grade Reading for high use of PD 360 schools versus their respective districts was 14% (p<.0001), again increasing while the district suffered losses; in 8th grade it was 11.1% (p<.0001).[3]
"Statistically, the data clearly validate the impact of PD 360 on student performance and teacher efficacy.  It seems appropriate that any school seeking to experience statistically significant gains would strongly consider these compelling data reflecting such a rigorous methodology,” said Dr. Steven H. Shaha, PhD, D.B.A.  Dr. Shaha holds two masters’ degrees and a doctorate in Research Methods and Applied Statistics and in Business Administration, and has over 25 years of experience in organizational performance and data analysis.  The author of two books and over 100 peer-reviewed publications, Dr. Shaha has worked with national, State, international and local education departments, as well as with over 200 organizations in the private sector.
Over 500,000 educators at over 7000 schools in every state, and nearly all territories, and Canadian provinces use PD 360 to access hundreds of short, easy-to-use video segments that feature the leading experts and present real classroom, best-practice examples. Teachers and administrators are impressed by both the quality and content of PD 360’s library. In addition to its vast content library, PD 360 provides integrated follow-up tools, reflection activities, tracking, and collaboration and community discussion forums and file sharing to promote greater implementation of learning.
“These results confirm the positive comments we have received from schools that use PD 360 as their professional learning platform,” said Chet Linton, CEO, School Improvement Network. “Educators that consistently use PD 360 are showing tremendous growth in both confidence and teaching effectiveness, and it shows in student performance.”
The results of this study verify that schools and systems can confidently invest in PD 360 as a form of professional learning proven to increase student achievement. Additional research is currently underway to further investigate the effectiveness of PD 360, and several more reports will be released in the coming months as data becomes available.


About School Improvement Network
Founded in 1991 by two school teachers, School Improvement Network empowers educators with comprehensive, research-based, professional learning tools that build teacher expertise to foster greater achievement among their students. As the home of The Video Journal of Education, PD 360, and The Learning Framework, School Improvement Network offers content from the largest group of educational experts, the broadest range of topics, and the most classroom examples anywhere. School Improvement Network boasts the world’s largest educator-verified, on-demand professional development network with over 500,000 users. To learn more about School Improvement Network’s dynamic resources, visit www.schoolimprovement.com.

About PD 360
PD 360
is the leading, on-demand professional learning resource for schools and districts. Over 500,000 educators subscribe to PD 360. Teachers, administrators, professional learning communities, coaches, mentors, instructional leaders, and paraprofessionals have hundreds of indexed and searchable video segments that present real, best-practice classroom examples and feature respected education experts, such as Michael Fullan, Rick DuFour, Doug Reeves, Rick Stiggins, and many others available at their fingertips. Educators can instantly find the help they need on nearly every topic, including differentiation, assessment, English language learners, leadership, and more. PD 360 can also be used to create a structured learning experience for an individual teacher, a PLC, or even an entire school. PD 360 bridges the gap between training and classroom implementation with job-embedded follow-up, tracking, and reflection tools. PD 360 gives educators access to an online community of teaching professionals that allows interaction and collaboration either within a district or across the United States and the world. PD 360 includes nearly 1000 research-based video learning segments and is the most comprehensive web-based library of professional development resources available. See a demonstration at www.pd360.com.

[1] All analyses reported here were conducted by the independent, doctoral trained statistician with all appropriate rigor. All values and percentages reported are statistical significance at the p<.05 or better, and most were significant at the p<.001 level of better.
[2] Focus on these grades reflects patterns for standardized tests scores in most States and districts.
[3] To read the entire report, follow this link: http://schoolimprovement.com/pd_360_impact_assessment.pdf

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