DENVER (Dec. 1, 2009) – Recent research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that as many as one in 100 children have autism, an increase of 50 percent since 2004.  District autism teams and classroom educators need access to proven resources and data management tools to effectively care for and educate students with autism.  Virtual Expert Clinics, Inc., has developed AutismPro Resource Manager specifically to help school systems manage this growing population.


With more than 80 percent of children with autism spending part of every day in general education classrooms, district autism teams and classroom educators need access to proven resources to adapt an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for each student with autism.  AutismPro Resource Manager is a comprehensive online library of more than 5,000 evidence-based examples, strategies and objectives, all organized in an easy-to-use online case management system.  District experts and IEP teams can refer to an easily searchable database of proven interventions when building unique educational plans, while classroom staff can access the library to view video-based examples and track progress on interventions assigned in the plan throughout the school year.


"We developed AutismPro Resource Manager to be a dynamic tool that connects an individual student’s plan with autism resources for daily classroom practice," said Kevin Custer, CEO of Virtual Expert Clinics, Inc.  "Web-based technology is well-suited to connect district level expertise with general education classrooms district-wide.  Teachers can implement the expert’s plan, access guidance for challenging situations and report daily on progress.  This ensures the entire team, including parents, can see how the student with autism is doing, and make adjustments to the plan as needed."


AutismPro Resource Manager allows educators and administrators to track and report on the progress of individual students with autism, providing summary reports to parents and other team members.  In addition, collaborative tools give all team members the opportunity to discuss specifics related to each student, including what needs to be done, by whom and when.  This central and dynamic tracking system ensures that all team members are aware of each child’s needs and wants without having to dig through hefty packets of information.


Administrators, special education staff and autism experts also can use AutismPro Resource Manager to view a "snapshot" of how the tool is supporting staff, ensuring accountability, closing the achievement gap, supporting compliance, and securing a return on investment.


AutismPro Resource Manager is one of several online components offered in the AutismPro line of products, which also includes AutismPro Workshops and AutismPro Resources.


AutismPro Workshops is a flexible, Web-based professional development program that allows educators to apply a range of evidence-based strategies to typical school situations.


– Designed to complement an existing program and IEP framework, AutismPro Resources allows special education teachers, support staff and administrators to search a database of more than 5,000 lesson plans, teaching strategies and behavioral supports.


AutismPro Resource Manager is available in a variety of configurations for district-wide implementations.  For more information about AutismPro, visit


About Virtual Expert Clinics, Inc.

Virtual Expert Clinics, provider of a 21st century response to educating students with autism, works with school districts, early intervention providers, and governments to supplement quality programs.  The company’s flagship product, AutismPro, allows administrators to build capacity and helps educators to improve outcomes.  Virtual Expert Clinics has offices in Denver, Colo., and Fredericton, New Brunswick.  For more information, visit or phone 1-866-462-0991.


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