Remote Proctor (Software Secure)

Remote Proctor allows students to take online exams under secure conditions, ensuring the integrity of online courses. “When students who are failed for cheating come in, they are generally silenced when shown that they used Google to find answers (documented via screen shots), talked to others about the test while they were taking it (documented via full audio), or pulled out notes during the test (documented via full video),” said Suzanne Cummins, a senior lecturer at the University of Arizona. “Most importantly, Software Secure has experienced, affordable reviewers who differentiate rule violations from genuinely suspicious behavior, and who tab events for the professor to review efficiently to determine the level of student misconduct.”


Student Lingo (Innovative Educators)

StudentLingo is a series of interactive, on-demand workshops and action plans focused on helping students achieve their academic, personal, and career goals. “With more students in dire need of personal services, Student Lingo workshops help meet students’ needs when they want it,” says Lisa Santiago, Title III retention specialist for Iowa’s Southeastern Community College. “With fewer staff and an increase in student needs, these workshops have helped us to help our students, in ways we could not otherwise afford.”



SymbalooEDU is the educational version of Symbaloo, a free social service that lets you organize your teaching resources in one place and share them easily with others. “SymbalooEDU keeps my software organized and gives me another resource for presentations,” says Dorothy Chase, a professor at the College of Southern Nevada. “My students benefit because they have a place to sample the software I place in the sandbox. Also, they have an opportunity to use Symbaloo to create their own web mixes, lessons, and presentations. SymbalooEDU has the added benefit of being ad-free.”


Zinch (Chegg)

Zinch is a website that helps colleges connect with prospective students. Students create a profile similar to a college application, and then colleges can search through these profiles and reach out to top prospects. “We use Zinch as an integral part of our outreach,” says Teege Mettille, associate director of admissions for Lawrence University in Wisconsin. “Zinch creates an environment for genuine, student-directed connections between colleges and prospective students. Every time we reach out to a student on Zinch, we don’t have to do it to their personal eMail account (or their parents’!)—and [this] helps to de-clutter the college search process.”

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