10 apps that block mobile distractions

As devices become a ubiquitous necessity during class, these apps can help curb mobile distractions—a plus for professors and students.

It’s rare to find college or university course these days that prohibits the use of devices during class. However, it’s also rare to find a student that isn’t battling almost constant mobile distractions from social media platforms and email—and students agree.

For example, University of Maryland, College Park (UMDCP), student Cindy Rosales only trusts SelfControl to help her avoid distracting websites. “It’s very easy for me to get distracted on social networks or online shopping. SelfControl was a great app that really disciplined me, while also rewarding me for the time I studied diligently,” she said.

Two years ago, eCampus News ran an article on apps that can help block mobile distractions, “6 apps that block social media distractions” as devices began to enter the classroom at an unprecedented rate. However, as device use has grown, as well as the expanding diversity of devices, more apps have been developed that provide even more nuanced ways to block mobile distractions.

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