Lindenwood wants the LindenLeaks Twitter account shut down and its owner punished.

St. Louis now has its own version of WikiLeaks, the controversial site famous for releasing confidential information into the mainstream. But instead of revealing the inner workings of governments, spy agencies, and military contractors, the St. Louis version is targeting, of all things, Lindenwood University.

As of this week, the private school in St. Charles, Mo., wants to shut down the account—which operates on Twitter under the name LindenLeaks.

And it wants the anonymous owner punished.

This, after the account published a document listing the names of more than 180 students suspended last semester—possibly exposing the university to a federal inquiry of its handling of confidential student information.

A school spokesman said all of the students on the list have been notified of the breach, and he noted that no Social Security numbers were released.

“The action on Twitter is absolutely criminal, and we intend to fully prosecute those involved,” said Scott Queen, Lindenwood’s spokesman.

Until now, LindenLeaks has been an obscure Twitter account with not much to say. It debuted in January 2011, with its owner offering just a couple of dozen observations during its first year of existence. Most of those centered around complaints of slow internet speeds, poor air conditioning, and parking conditions.

But in February, the account’s activity began picking up steam, with a promise of “major leaks” to come.

That turned out to be the list of suspended students, along with phone numbers, eMail addresses, and grade point averages.

Suddenly, what once might have been seen as an annoying voice in cyberspace has become a real problem for the school.

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