A new report aims to debunk four myths about tuition increases, including the myth that faculty are to blame.

faculty-tuitionConvinced soaring college tuition payments just line the pockets of overpaid professors?

A new report offers a rigorous rebuttal, citing federal data on higher education salaries — including at local institutions — as proof that full-time faculty pay is not the poison. If anything, the report suggests, having ample and well-treated full-time staff is the antidote.

The American Association of University Professors minced no words in taking that stand, dubbing its annual report on faculty salaries “Busting the Myths.” The introduction sets a clear objective: countering criticism of America’s higher education system.

“The need to reclaim the public narrative about higher education has become increasingly apparent in recent years as misperceptions about faculty salaries and benefits, state support for public colleges and universities, and competition within higher education have multiplied,” the report contends in its opening salvo.

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