Community college system seeks ways to retain students and decrease remedial enrollments.

community-collegesSUNY’s community colleges are seeking increased funding of $250 per student for initiatives to hold onto students and decrease the number of remedial classes they have to take.

SUNY Adirondack President Kristine Duffy said the college is not counting on the money for its operating costs.

“We’re actually building our budget right now assuming that we will not get that,” she said in a State of the College address to students, staff and guests in the auditorium of the Regional Higher Education Center on campus.

In her talk, Duffy played up accomplishments of the last couple of years at the college and talked about what lies ahead.

SUNY colleges currently get nearly $2,500 per full-time equivalent student. If the community colleges are successful in obtaining the additional state funding, that would mean SUNY Adirondack would get about $500,000 more over the next three years.

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