Proposal would defer some students until they first attend community college and obtain an associate’s degree.

unc-communityAn admission letter from the UNC system’s 16 campuses could come with a big caveat starting in the 2016-17 school year, if the N.C. House gets its way.

The House wants the system to force at least 1,305 prospective students “whose academic credentials are not as competitive” with others in their class to go to community college and get an associate’s degree first.

Provided they get their associate’s, those forced into the program would be guaranteed a slot at the UNC school that originally offered them admission, according to provisions in the House’s version of the state’s fiscal 2015-16 budget.

Budget writers see the proposal as a way to improve a system-wide, six-year graduation rate that’s “too low.”

It’s also a way to save money.

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