Annual Center for Digital Education survey ranks community colleges’ committment to technology use

community-collegeCommunity college is designed to be one of society’s great equalizers, a shot at joining the middle class for those who didn’t get a chance to attend a four-year university. And technology has expanded the reach of these institutions and enhanced the quality of education for those it reaches.

Recognizing the institutions that best use technology to enhance young American minds is the 2014-2015 Digital Community Colleges Survey, led by the Center for Digital Education.

This year’s survey identified 46 of the most forward-thinking and technology-driven community colleges in the nation. Applicants from three enrollment size categories submitted responses to a 30-question, 250-data-point survey. Winning applicants were recognized for their technology leadership in mobile computing, job placement programs, social media, data management and strategic planning.

This year’s first place winners from their respective categories were Northern Virginia Community College, Va., (10,000 enrolled or more); Lord Fairfax Community College, Va. (5,000 to 10,000 enrolled); and Carl Sandburg College, Ill. (fewer than 5,000 enrolled). The top community colleges exemplified the broader statistics uncovered by the survey.

Of those colleges surveyed, 43 percent have a mobile strategy and 59 percent offer instructors professional development education on how to integrate mobile devices into their coursework.

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