Carnegie Mellon University has announced an initiative to bring together its research and education related to artificial intelligence (AI).

CMU AI will coordinate faculty, students and staff working on AI in robotics, engineering, language, human-computer interaction, machine learning and more.

“Having grown large, we’ve also grown a little further apart, and in the context of AI, we are bringing it back to together,” said Jaime Carbonell, director of CMU’s Language Technologies Institute. “And we expect to grow more.”

CMU AI will create one of the largest and most experienced artificial intelligence research groups in the world, the university said. Carbonell said researchers classified their work based on the sub-field of artificial intelligence in which they worked, such as robotics, machine translation or machine learning, not under the umbrella of AI. Now those disciplines will be under CMU AI, underscoring the university’s commitment to the research and potentially upping the university’s public profile and funding.

“It certainly helps the messaging,” Carbonell said. “But more than messaging, it helps the substance.”

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