You have an excellent IT team. Every day, you give everything you’ve got to provide all staff and students with the best possible service. And yes, there’s always room for improvement. Fewer calls. Better self-service opportunities. Higher Customer Satisfaction.

But where to start? Which trends and developments actually help you improve your services? To inspire your staff, we handpicked the best articles to help you take your next step.

How to Boost your Efficiency

Rhodes College, Memphis: ‘TOPdesk can solve any problem we throw at it’

Rhodes College centralized many of their supporting departments. From IT, front desk and campus safety, to student services, financial aid and the student service hub. The result? A huge increase in efficiency: ‘All the work is aggregated and less support on our part is needed.’

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Delft University of Technology: aligning 9 service desks and 1000 operators

Students and staff of the Delft University of Technology can go to any of 9 service desks on campus. The university started working with TOPdesk to make submitting calls and requests simpler. With a thousand operators working in their tools, what has sharing tools and processes brought them?

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Incident Management KPIs: a guide to better reporting

Meeting your Incident Management KPIs and matching SLAs is something we all struggle with regularly. But what targets should you aim for when measuring if your incident management is a success? Let’s have a look at KPIs: the classics, some new ones and some overall best practices.

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Your guide to self‑service

The secret to cutting costs and improving your efficiency? Self-service! With self-service you make your students and staff more self-reliant. And with a self-reliant customer, the service desk has more time to solve more difficult questions. A win-win situation.

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How to level Up your Customer Experience

The best support for your students and faculty

Helping students and faculty members with their questions can be time-consuming. TOPdesk helps your team provide great customer experience, and free up your time for the improvements you don’t have time for now. Discover why TOPdesk’s rated 4.7 on Gartner Peer Insights.

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Free e-book: How to improve your Customer Experience

Offering great Customer Experience (CX) is more important than ever. But how to improve CX? This free e-book offers a range of insights on how to improve Customer Satisfaction. From knowledge management best practices and essential KPIs, to an 8-step plan for successfully building and launching your service catalogue.

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10 steps to map a customer journey for your service desk

Do you want to offer your students and staff the best service? A customer journey helps you find opportunities for improvement where measurements and statistics can’t find them. Step into your customer’s shoes and see what your they experience when they request a service from your department.

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Dashboard, reporting and KPIs

How’s your service desk performing? If you’re delivering great services, you’ll need the numbers to prove it. Get the right insights in your team’s work with extensive dashboards and reporting. TOPdesk’s Dashboard and Reporting feature makes it easy to visualize the performance of your department.

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