There’s a common denominator in today’s workforce--nearly every worker craves professional learning and development opportunities.

Rethinking professional learning and development

There’s a common denominator in today’s workforce--nearly every worker craves learning and development opportunities

Just like more equitable access to higher education can support talent pipelines and bridge the gaps in critical workforce shortages, learning and development can provide great value in attracting employees and retaining them.

A strong workforce is rooted in continued education and evolution of skills – ones that boost output and presence in both personal and professional settings. All of this to say, there are some limitations for companies when it comes to providing education benefits for its employees, and that’s where pursuing higher education comes into the picture.

With the multigenerational workforce in mind, we can understand that prospective students aren’t what they used to be: traditional 18- to 24-year-olds. The nontraditional higher education student population is on the rise with students who are older, working part- or full-time, often have dependents, are more in tune with their finances, and so on. In fact, it’s predicted that by 2027, 3.3 million students will be 40 or older, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

Education institutions are adjusting offerings to make sure students of all ages, who are working or who have families, can successfully pursue a degree. Both the university and the company must work together for the benefit of the overall economy and also for staff retention.

Upskilling drives growth. With the support of educational leaders, we can help expand and deepen partnerships with business leaders, employers, and education partners to support economic growth. These relationships and partnerships bring flexibility, affordability and a competency-based approach to the sought-after learning and development perk. 

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