Creating learning experiences that engage and challenge your learners is critical to their overall success in school and beyond.

5 tips to craft better student learning experiences

Creating learning experiences that engage and challenge your learners is critical to their overall success

We live in a content-driven world. With just a few clicks of a mouse or taps on a device, you can find more content on any topic than can be consumed.

Your learners know this. Today’s learners are tech savvy, learn quickly, and often know how they learn best. They can also have a variety of circumstances competing for their attention.

According to the Lumina Foundation, a full 38 percent of undergraduate students are over the age of 25, and 46 percent are first-generation college students.

Many of these students have obligations, like jobs and families, that their younger peers don’t have. It’s not surprising that, at the same rate, students with extra responsibilities struggle to continue their education beyond the first year.

So, what does this mean to you – an educator? It means you need to be strategic when deciding how to pique your learners’ interest and keep them challenged.

How can you take the content that your learners need and make it more engaging and interesting? Is that even possible? Yes, it is, and below are five simple strategies that you can use to engage your learners and keep them coming back to learn more.

1. Connect

Connect your course’s activities and assessments with the learning outcomes. Have you ever had a student ask you, “Why am I being asked to do this?” Even if you haven’t, it’s a safe bet that you students ponder this question.

When you demonstrate a clear connection between the “what” and “how,” you answer the “why” for your students. This, in turn, establishes value for them and helps them justify the time that they’ll be investing in your course.

2. Empower

Empower your learners by giving them choices in how they learn. When possible, build flexibility into your course by providing learners with options on how to complete assignments and activities.

This not only gives your students a sense of control over their learning experience, but it can also be fun to put on your “creative” hat to find new ways for your students to learn.

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