Collegiate esports programs are growing–is yours?

Collegiate esports is expanding across the nation--learn what you need to put your institution in first place

Collegiate esports teams are surging, and students don’t have to be players to get in on the action. These programs require business management, IT knowledge, AV skills, and more. Almost everyone has heard the term “esports” lately, but what does it actually entail?

In a panel discussion with experts, eCampus News will connect you with the information you need to learn about the what, why, who and how of esports. You’ll discover the steps you need to get started, directly from Lenovo’s Senior Global Esports and CTE Manger, Jeff Palumbo.

You’ll discover:
• Why top-ranked institutions are adding esports to their lineups
• Quick first steps to launching a program
• Industry trends on esports programming

Laura Ascione

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