As acute stress related to testing impacts a majority of Gen Z students, the term ‘examiety’ refers to exam-related anxiety

Gen Z struggles with exam anxiety, mental health

As acute stress related to testing impacts a majority of Gen Z students, the term ‘examiety’ refers to exam-related anxiety

“Exam anxiety is real, especially having moved from high school to college with virtual learning and having to re-adjust to the experience of taking exams in person,” said Alexandra Berardelli, a sophomore at College of the Holy Cross. “Even when I’ve prepared and studied countless hours, my heart still beats out of my chest when entering the exam room. While I know I’m not alone in feeling this way, it’s not something I talk about with my friends or seek help to manage.”

To provide meaningful resources for students to address examiety, Quizlet and The Jed Foundation, a non-profit that protects emotional health and prevents suicide for teens and young adults, have developed the Examiety Resource Guide. This resource guide was crafted with input from trained clinicians and offers tips, insights and guidance to equip students with information to address and manage their exam-related anxiety.

“Giving a name to a feeling of anxiety can often help to take the power from it and enable healthy ways to address it,” said Dr. Laura Erickson-Scroth, Chief Medical Officer, The Jed Foundation. “We are seeing an overwhelming amount of students dealing with the stress of the past two years, compounded with the ongoing pressures of today’s education landscape. Through listening to Gen Z, we’ve learned the best way to support is to give them tools and resources to prioritize their mental health. In this case, it’s helping to identify triggers and manage the common and understandable anxiety associated with one aspect of the school experience.”

When it comes to the top stressors for students, schoolwork has a significant impact on their mental health. A prior survey commissioned by Quizlet reported nearly half of students found  final exams and end-of-semester grades as top sources of stress impacting their mental wellbeing, indicating a continued need for tools like Quizlet that facilitate personalized learning and help students confidently navigate their learning journey.

“As students across the country head back to school both in-person and online, we understand they are juggling an increasingly uncertain world, new pressures and competing priorities,” said Matt Glotzbach, Chief Executive Officer, Quizlet. “Quizlet helps students reach their full potential and our research shows that examiety is a major barrier preventing students from accomplishing their goals. By shining a light on examiety and providing a resource for students to better manage this specific source of anxiety, our aim is to support students’ mental health and wellbeing, and ultimately set them up to learn more efficiently and effectively.”

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Laura Ascione