Chat commerce, the future of digital commerce and engagement in messaging apps can create a better experience for all on campus

5 ways chat commerce empowers students and administrators

Chat commerce, the future of digital commerce and engagement in messaging apps can create a better experience for all on campus

3. Help students make the best choices possible

A chat commerce platform is a great way for universities to communicate with their students both proactively and reactively. Let’s consider an important application of this function. Once a student has enrolled, they will need to choose their classes. An advisor may make the student’s enrollment journey a personal experience by sending highly personal communications and touchpoints in SMS or messaging apps. Targeted reminders about important deadlines, new programs, and courses are a great way to help students feel like a priority and set up for success. You can use your school’s admission’s CRM platform to manage, create, and personalize communications and let staff know which students have received certain notifications.  

4. Automation reduces administrative burden

One of the most immediate benefits of chat is automation and how it can dramatically improve efficiency. For instance, a customer service bot can be activated when any student texts the university, scans a QR code, or clicks a button on the website or app. This is especially effective when it comes to student services, including: schedules for classes, times of on-campus events, campus card queries, secure incident report lines, and emergency notices. It also gives students an option to request a call back when needed–allowing administrators to answer queries when convenient for them. 

5. Complete transactions securely and simply

From buying or topping up on meal plans, to booking and paying for events, to loading money onto student campus cards, there are countless transactions that happen every day at educational institutions. Some chat messaging platforms offer transactional capabilities that make it easy for students to complete the purchases they need, without trekking to the bookstore or box office. Be sure to look for a provider with strong security so students’ financial information is secure.

Moving the education sector into the 21st century

College is a constant bustle with classes, exams, and hundreds of events happening throughout the semester. By providing students (and faculty) with a secure communication and transactional channel, administrators make vital services available at a time and place that’s convenient for all parties. Most importantly, good, two-way communication allows educational institutions to put student well-being at the heart of their operations — helping students and their parents access the information they need in a safe, trusted and widely-used channel.

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