is college worth it?

Is college really worth it?

Students who feel their institution understands them are more likely to be satisfied with their college experiences, according to a survey

Only half of current college students (55 percent) say they believe the education they’re receiving is worth their tuition, even after improvements in COVID prevention and protocols have made in-person learning increasingly possible over the past year, according to a new study.

The new research from Qualtrics also reveals a disconnect between students and administrators when it comes to how happy students are with the social aspects of college. Seventy-eight percent of administrators say students are satisfied with their social experience, while just 58 percent of students say they are.  

More than 1 million fewer students are enrolled in U.S. colleges this school year than in 2019–an ongoing enrollment crisis that is forcing institutions to invest in ensuring students feel included, listened to and understood.  

Students who say they feel their institutions understand what’s important to them report higher levels of satisfaction with their school. Students who feel understood have 41 percentage point higher (89 percent vs 48 percent) levels of satisfaction with their academic experience as well as 24 percentage point higher (67 percent vs. 43 percent) levels of satisfaction with their social experience.  

Laura Ascione