Students seek out peer mental health counseling resources

Peer mental health counseling offers an important way for students to find help when needed--but training is important
College students expressed their desire for peer mental health counseling on campus, which, with the right training for peer counselors, could help lighten the load for campus mental…

Cybersecurity should be a concern on your campus–here’s why

In a survey, higher-ed leaders revealed that staff don't think of themselves as targets for data theft, underscoring cybersecurity needs.
Some experts suspect schools, universities and colleges are being deliberately targeted - whether for monetary reasons or intellectual property theft. Either way, it's clear that developing and fostering…

Higher-ed innovations for post-pandemic campuses

How has COVID forced higher education to turn challenges into positive and promising solutions?
In this edition of Getting There: Innovations in Education, hosted by Kevin Hogan: Why instructors are less concerned about online academic integrity after COVID; How STEM instruction is…

5 examples of successful peer learning

Peer learning can help improve university outcomes and help students stay on a path to personal and professional success
Higher education has a problem: When students are isolated due to online learning, they miss out on valuable opportunities to build social skills that will carry them to…

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