Here’s how to keep your campus data safe

Cybersecurity threats aren't going away--but you can protect your data and networks with proven best practices

Campus IT teams understand how important cybersecurity measures are, but many struggle to pinpoint where to begin when their resources are limited.

When COVID closed campuses, it also increased cyberthreats to IT networks, creating more work for already-stressed IT teams. As data security breaches–including ransomware attacks, phishing, and unauthorized disclosures–show no sign of slowing, higher-ed IT leaders need to be ready.

Threats to higher education networks will never be eliminated, but there are strategies to successfully defend campus information infrastructure. Want to learn more? Join a conversation with fellow ed tech leaders and experts as they share best practices on both the technical aspects–software and services–and the human aspects–professional development and community education–of keeping your networks safe and sound.

Laura Ascione

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