How to transform your institution’s central office processes

Learn tips and strategies from experts and higher-ed leaders as you build efficiencies and securities through forms process automation

COVID upended traditional higher education–and while the abrupt migration to remote and hybrid learning was disruptive, there is a silver lining.

Our post-pandemic reality has inspired college and university leaders to not only reinvent teaching methods in lecture halls and labs, but also digitize processes in the central office. In other words—finally making the paper chase a thing of the past.

Join an eCampus News panel of experts in the first of two online conversations to discuss building efficiencies in education. You’ll learn how automating your district’s various workflows–from staff onboarding and 1:1 device management to digitized e-signature consent forms–can improve the user experience for administrators, educators, parents, and students alike, while also saving time and money.

Laura Ascione

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